Friday, January 26, 2007

It's been a doozy

Where to even start?  It's one heck of a week, a doozy of a week, a week I never want to live again.  I could go through all the horrid details in, well, detail, but I'll spare the details and give you bullets instead.
  • 1 bout of food poisoning lasting 4 days; lucky, lucky me.  By my own cooking no less.  Maybe I should stop cooking?
  • 100 - 101.9 fever, every day for 7 days.  Boo Bear got her 1 year shots last week and it seems they are shots that keep on giving
  • 1 trip to doctor's office today after stupid nurse on Monday said not to worry about ongoing high fever (I know this isn't really a high fever, but it's the highest she has ever had) 
  • Not so stupid doctor does extra tests and says not to worry.  Possible viral infection on top of bacterial infection injected into my sweet girl on purpose.
  • 1 weaning mom and baby
  • 1 very cranky mom; 1 amazingly sweet not cranky baby
  • 2 days without internet
  • 20 hours of work to make up in 3 days
  • 1 trip to Austin to get heirlooms from grandmother's house before movers come on Tuesday postponed till next week
  • 1 missing pay check
  • 1 not postponed trip to Austin to see my Mom tomorrow. Priceless.

See you guys on the flipside if I make it through this week alive.  

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