Friday, January 05, 2007


You ain't got no alibi, you ugly hoo hoo....

Ahem. Well, today was one of those days where I would have been happy to wear a paperbag over my face. Better than actually looking in the mirror really. I made the very difficult decision to chop my hair off just enough so that it looks really good when it's clean and blowdryed. At least for about an hour. God has blessed me with hair and I thank Him for that. Unfortunately, God has a sense of humor and my hair is fine, thin, oily and straight as a board. So, unless it is clean and blowdryed, etc, etc, it looks like poo poo, dredged in oil. So today was day three of now shower and I really planned to have one today, but alas that did not happen and alas I was forced to go out in public to get a gift for a baby shower that is tomorrow.

In addition, my face looks like a 16 year old boy who lives off pepperoni pizza. It's bad and getting worse and I am horrible at taking care of it. And I'm lazy and don't like to put on makeup, because, well, it takes up precious minutes of my day. Minutes that could be sleeping, or eating or changing diapers or teaching the child to eat with a spoon or... did I mention sleeping? I also have a seriously bad habit of picking and picking. I cannot keep my hands off my face. I know, I'm all adult and such, but seriously, I think it's a condition and I cannot, for the love of all that it good, keep my hands off my darn face!!!!!!!!!!! Rant over.

Don't worry, I spared the general public and put on a hat and threw my pathetic little hair in pigtails. There was nothing to be done about my face though. I was a sight to see that is for sure.

Now where does one find paper grocery bags these days? Do they still make them?


Here's some other completely random, completely mundane thoughts floating around in my oil laden head.

  • Awhile ago someone, I can't remember who, tagged me with some meme. I had planned on actually complying with their wishes, but then my life took over and strangled me and the dog ate my homework, and ... Well, if you were the one that tagged me, I am very sorry and I totally did not mean to ignore you and please tag me again and I will comply, or at least try very hard to. Thank you.
  • Today must have been the official "drive-in-the-far-left-lane-of-the-freeway-if-you-want-to-drive-really-really-really-slow" day and I didn't get the memo. God once again reminded me that he is in control and any attempt on my part to plan my day, is really just wasted time. I rushed to get previously mentioned baby gift in time to miss Friday afternoon traffic, only to be on my return trip to hit a major wreck, on a two lane freeway, with no exits. Wanna know what made it even better? The glaring orange, you are dangerously close to being out of gas light, but not sure how dangerously close, pleaseGodjustletmegettoagasstationsoIdon'thavetositwithascreamingtoddleruntilAAAcangethere close. We made it. Whew!
  • I have never been a schedule person. I know that I do better on a schedule, but I hate forcing myself to be on a schedule. Now that I work from home and don't have to be in my office at a specific time or see people other than my daughter and my husband, I have become lax (hence the no shower thing from above). I realize every day that if I would just get up 30 minutes to an hour earlier than my daughter, I would a) get a shower every day b) get to brush my teeth before noon c) probably feel a whole lot better about myself. This I know every morning. Every night, however, I want to stay up late in order to a) spend time with my husband b) spend time by myself c) spend time doing any number of other non-baby related things that I want to do but never find the time to do, so I end up staying up too late and then spend the next morning beating myself up for not getting up early. It's a vicious cycle really.
  • Speaking of Spending time doing any number of other non-baby related things. Whenever I do have time, I can't decide what I want to do first or more. Do I organize pictures and play around with my camera and learn more about photography? Or do I read a book? Or do I catch up on the 15 trillion magazines that I refuse to throw away because, "I will read them soon." Or, or, or, do I work on the non-existent baby book/box thing so that I can remember the last year in my daughter's life? Or do I blog? Or do I watch TV and completely veg out? Or do I....
  • The girl, she is a walking now. I am officially the mother of a toddler, in the true sense of the word. Gah!
  • Ummmm, yeah, that's all I got for now. How you been?

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