Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The new year brings...

Who knows what it brings, but one of my goals this year is to be better about writing about my daughter and the day to day. That is probably boring for most of you, but for me, it will give me something to look back on and remember. I am terrible at keeping notes of her milestones. I haven't even done a baby book. She has a box full of things and lots of things sitting on top of it, but nothing in any coherent order. I am slowly realizing that even the things that I am sure that I won't forget today, I will surely forget tomorrow no matter how hard I try to remember them. My brain just isn't the same any more. So the new year brings more writing, for me, not for the masses. I will still showcase some of my photography and do the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt and probably still mouth off on occasion, but I hope to use this space to keep my memories of this time with my daughter.

Speaking of, she will be one year in two weeks and I can't begin to fathom I have a one year old. I still find myself turning around when my husband is talking to Boo Bear and calls me Mommy, and wonder, who are they calling Mommy? Oh yeah, that's me. I will be doing the token 1 year letter to my daughter so won't spoil it now.

We were busy for the holidays, going from Houston to San Antonio to Corpus Christi all in one week. It was fun though and Boo Bear handled it really well. I have been working my butt off since we got home to make up for the time I was off though. So I will have to catch up here later. I miss reading you guys and certainly miss the feedback I get from you all.

Happy New Year and Happy New You to those of you doing New Year's Resolutions.

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