Saturday, January 06, 2007

Mommy Mission Impossible

Last night I left the house at 7:35 to run to the store to get a couple of items needed for a baby shower I am helping host today. I got in the car and headed in the direction of the grocery store thinking about all that still had to be done that day. I realized too that I am in desparate need of some new jeans. I have two pairs of jeans right now that "fit." One pair is my everyday pair, that after being worn once, is so loose it looks like I am wearing my husband's jeans. The other pair is at the opposite end of the spectrum, too tight. So much so that a couple of previous wears, while using the belt loops to help heave them over my thighs and butt, I broke a belt loop. That bad. So I called hubby and told him I was making a slight detour to Kohl's to get some jeans. His reply, "That's random." So then I had to explain the jean dilemna. He lost interest about half way through the explaination and told me "whatever."

So I made the mad dash to Kohl's. Now all you Mom's know how hard it is to go clothes shopping with children. I just don't do it, it's not worth the trouble of having a pair of jeans halfway up your legs when your child starts screaming bloody murder and you have to finish dressing yourself with one hand while holding your child with the other. So, I was pleased to get this opportunity. Although, all my "opportunities", appreciated as they are, are always rushed because I have ten million other things to do. So I run into Kohl's and grab 15 pairs of various jeans and make the mad dash to the dressing room. I'm sweating by this point as I rush around tyring to shove myself into jeans. Long story short, I found 2 pairs of jeans that fit and that I can live with. The miracle of the story? I did it in just undder 30 minutes and spent less than $40.

Then, then, I went to the store and bought the things I needed and made it home by 8:45. Now keep in mind, I left my house at 7:35 and it takes 15 minutes to get to the nearest store. I think I did pretty good.

Then my Mom of the Year attempt got even better. I made a cake when I got home. Not just any plain old cake. I, in all my never-before-made-any-sort-of-fancy-cake, made an airplane cake. And decorated it. And if I do say so myself, it's pretty darn good. Pictures to follow soon.

And then I went to bed. At 1:00 this morning.

Today, I am back to my normal, fall on my face, Mommy routine, but yesterday, I was on top of it all. Those days are few and far between.

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