Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Switchover Sucks

Well, for some reason after the great switchover, I can't seem to login to the NEW Blogger with my Google Login.  So that whole part about being glad I switched.  I lied.  It sucks and I just want my old blog back and to be able to login.  Technically, I can only not login on the desktop, the laptop works logs me in fine.  It seems lots of people are having this problem as I searched in the Blogger help group for, well, help.  Not so much. It seems no one at Blogger seems to care or that haven't figured out the problem.  Any ideas?  When I go to login, I put in my correct login info and then I get a blank area where the login info was and in real light lettering there is a link that says "Click here to continue." The link doesn't work and I can't login with my old info.  Dude, it sucks. 

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Star said...

I knew I didn't wan to do it. Good luck. i am sure it will all get straightened out.