Friday, March 25, 2005

The Date

Driving into work this morning listening to morning talk shows, one station was talking about an email from girl about a really strange first date. The girl said her and this guy really hit it off at a club so she agreed to go out with him. He planned their dated and told her to dress retro for a theme date. She dressed up in her best 80's garb and waiting excited for her date. She was surprised when he showed up in a 1950's comfortable dressed like Fonzie from Happy Days. She thought that was a little strange, but went along with him. He said they were going to some place that ended up being far away (according to people that called in the place was 4-5 hours away). He took her to an old drive-in movie theater. Afterward they went to a sock hop. Then he took her out into the woods to make out (didn't happen). The DJ's thought it might be a joke, but who knows these days.

anyways, it got me to thinking about my worst or weirdest date. Before I started dating my husband I did some online dating. I had been emailing back and forth with this one guy who seemed a little young, but hey I was getting back into the swing of dating after 4 years, so I was pretty open to new "experiences". The fact that he lived with his parents should have been the first clue.

Because we lived on opposite sides of town, we met in a central location. When we got there, I hadn't eaten, but he already had eaten (date, eat? am I that off the dating scene?). I needed to eat, so we went to Jason's Deli. Now, I am a very independent woman and don't expect a man to pay for everything, but he didn't even offer or act like it was strange that he had eaten already. So while I ate, he sat there and stared at me because his social skills were lacking to a degree (a rather large degree). After I ate we played the "What do you want to do?", "I dunno, what do you want to do?" game until I finally realized that if I didn't make some decisions (obviously this man didn't have opinions or a personality for that matter) we were going to sit there all night, doing our own little comedy routine. So we went to a Tapas bar/restaurant that had live music and flamenco dancers.

We happened to run into an old friend of mine that I hadn't seen in like 10 years, so we played some catch up, but I did my best to include my date so he wouldn't feel alienated. Seeing as he couldn't hold a conversation, this proved to be difficult. After a while, I decided to cut my losses and head on home.

The next day I had an email from him. I tried to tell him as nicely as possible that I didn't think we had that much in common, but that he was a nice guy and I wished him luck. I had decided to do online dating because I hadn't dated in so long and had lost myself in my last relationship. Doing online dating helped me to realize what it was I was looking for in a relationship. I told myself when I started it, that I wouldn't waste anyone's time, mine or someone's elses. I had learned from past mistakes to trust my instincts. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I have really good instincts and they are usually right.

So anyway, I sent him this nice email. A couple of hours later, I have a scathing, nasty email from him where he called me some choice names. When I tried to respond, he had blocked my email. I was shocked! But I guess that he really wasn't mature enough for an adult relationship and I got out in time to not dig deeper into the depths of his crazy.

So what is your worst/weirdest dating experience?

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