Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ringing in a new me

11 weeks and counting, and counting, and counting. Not really.

I took my belly button ring out last night. I had planned to take it out as I got bigger. Hubby couldn't wait for me to take it out. He never liked it, don't know why. So I was sitting on the couch watching Dancing With The Stars, a whole other story in itself, and I was just seeing how easy it would be to take out the little square that held the ring in. Easier than I thought. So I took it out. And now I miss it. A lot. I don't think I really wanted to get rid of it. A friend of mine is 7 months preggo and she just got a plastic bar and kept it in. Now I look at my belly button and the hole above it and I'm sad. I miss my ring. I didn't get it until I was 23. My step mother even took me to get it. She said if I was going to get it done, she would make sure it was safe. It was funny, I would never get my ears pierced again, yet I got my belly button pierced. I guess part of me feels like, I have to change so much with this pregnancy whether I like it or not, that I feel like I lost a part of me that I could have kept. Now I don't know if I really would have wanted to look down at my bely at 8 months and seen it in there, but now I will never know.

As I sit here and type this, I have tears dripping down my cheeks. Blame it on the hormones. Sissy.

Goodbye dear Ring, you will be missed.

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