Friday, June 17, 2005

Unsolicited Advice

I officially got my first piece of unsolicited pregnancy advice today and I'm not even showing. Okay a little bit, but really it's just tummy cushion.

I was sitting at the doctor's office waiting for hubby to have a colonoscopy (he's fine) and eating my first snack of the day. Sitting on the floor next to my purse is my copy (given to me by my sister) of What to Expect When you are Expecting. The woman across from me is writing some notes, but I'm not paying much attention. All of a sudden she gets up, hands me a note and in full outside voice (i.e. loudly) she announces that the book I am reading is not good and the one she wrote down on the piece of paper will "put that one to shame." I said thanks, and she walked out. I looked around and a couple of people in the waiting room looked at me with eyebrows raised. My feeling exactly.

She came back later and sat in a different part of the waiting room and proceeded to tell the people across from her of a better Mexican restaurant than the one they had been talking about. Anyway, in the course of the conversation, we all learned that she is a Labor and Delivery nurse. But still...


Star said...

Get used to it. Especially when you start showing. Everyone seems to feel the need to tell you their experience. Remeber that most of it is like the fish that got away. Greatly exaggerated!

Michele said...

Thank you for adding that very last line expalining what the woman did. Until that point I was wondering what my mother was doing so far from home. My mother adores giving unasked for advice.