Friday, August 12, 2005

Dearest Baby

Dear Jazzy Baby,

We went and had the ultra-Ultrasound today and you performed brilliantly. We got to see you yawn and wiggle and wave at the camera and cover your ears trying to make that awful sound go away. The days when I get to "see" you make me so happy. I can smile all day long. These are the days that I know everything is okay. Not only because the doctor tells me everything looks good, but because I get to see you with my own eyes.

We do not want to find out what you are going to be, boy or girl, because both your father and I want it to be a surprise. A part of me did want to know today, but I am glad that we are going to wait. Most of us think you are a boy, I can't really tell you why. Your Aunt thinks you are a girl. I guess we will just wait and see. I hope you will forgive me and your father for always calling you a "he" if you do in fact turn out to be a girl.

I had a dream last night that you head poked out of my belly and then all of a sudden I was holding you. It was a little scary because in my dream I was only 5 months along, just like I am really. But I was so happy to hold you and see you in my arms. I cannot wait until I actually do get to hold you. But let's go ahead and wait another 5 months, mkay? Thanks.

We also toured the birthing center and it really looks nice. I think you will like it. You get to stay in the room with me and Daddy and we are very happy for that. The room is very good size and has a TV, DVD, VCR and CD Player as well as a refrigerator. They also have a full supply of popsicles, for free. That makes Mommy very happy. They have nice hydrotheraphy rooms where we can labor if we choose. Please don't give mommy too much back labor, mkay? We have enough back problems as it is.

I am very excited and can't wait to be able to feel you move in my belly. I'm not worried, yet, but if you could, just give me a good kick for my own sanity and I will be happy. Daddy talks to you every day and sometimes I have to tell him to lower his voice. He likes to yell at you to make sure that you are moving around and then he sticks his ear against my belly to listen to you slosh. He says he can hear you in there. Lucky him.

Almost 19 weeks now. Almost halfway there. I will try and do better at eating good foods and maybe getting some exercise. You just keep doing your job and I will do mine and we will meet soon. I love you.



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Betsy said...

Oh! It's a baby in there..!

The things I find out when I catch up on someone's blog (& haven't been by for a while, obviously.)

You'll be an amazing parent. I just know it...