Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Sunshine

Happy Friday Everyone! I'm off shortly for an Ultra-Ultrasound. Hopefully more getting to watch Jazzy Baby do acrobatics in my belly. But in the meantime, I leave you with these words of wisdom.

Condensed from "LIFE'S LITTLE INSTRUCTION BOOK, VOL. 2"H. JACKSON BROWN, Jr,(A footnote indicates the book was copyrighted in 1983)

Never laugh at anyone's dreams
Believe in love at first sight.

Trust in God, But Lock Your Car
Remember that no time spent with your children is ever wasted.

When traveling, take two big safety pins so you can pin the motel drapes shut.
Accept a breath mint if someone offers you one.

Keep the porch light on until all the family is in for the night.
Rehearse a joke before telling it.

Always try the house dressing.
Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.

Once in a while invite the person in line behind you to go ahead of you.
Send your mother-in-law flowers on your spouse's birthday.

Buy ladders, extension cords and garden hoses longer than you think you'll need.
Never be the first to break a family tradition.

Steer clear of any place with a "Ladies Welcome" sign in the window.
Don't stop a parade to pick up a dime.

Ask anyone giving directions to repeat them at least twice.
Don't wash a car, mow a yard, or select a Christmas tree after dark.

Hold your child’s hand every chance you get. The time will come when he or she won't let you.
Own a hammock.

Never be photographed holding a cocktail glass.
Give people more than they expect, and do it cheerfully.

Someone will always be looking at you as an example of how to behave. Don’t let him down.
Do your homework and know your facts, but remember it's passion that persuades.

Be as friendly to the janitor as you are to the chairman of the board.
When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and say, "Why do you want to know?"

Overestimate travel time by 15 percent.
Don't be so concerned with your rights that you forget your manners.

Never wear a white bathing suit.
Don't dismiss a good idea simply because you don't like the source.

When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye.
Put the strap around your neck before looking through binoculars.

Never say anything uncomplimentary about your wife or children in the presence of others.
No matter how old you get, hug and kiss your mother whenever you greet her.

Brush your teeth before putting on your tie.
Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.

Phone home if you're going to be more than 20 minutes late.
Remember that everyone is influenced by kindness.

Overpay good baby sitters.
If you're away from home and hear church bells, think of three people who love you.

Leave a quarter where a child can find it.
When it comes to worrying or painting a picture, know when to stop.

Avoid using the word impacted unless you're describing wisdom teeth.
Never order chicken fried steak in a place that doesn't have a jukebox.

Go on blind dates. That's how I met your mother.
Call your dad.

Happy Friday. Spread some sunshine.

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