Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Give it to me... One more time

I read a lot of blogs. At least I try to, not as many as I would like though. I just can't seem to get around to my entire blogroll very often. I have seen a lot of posts about unsolicited advice and such. I can be a giver of unsolicited advice. I can't help it. I'm that way in real life too and don't always know when to just shut my trap and listen, not solve. But I love people and I hate seeing anyone in pain or hurt or even inconvenienced really and so I try to help. It's what I do. I am a helper.

I would like to think that most bloggers, except for that group of bloggers that likes to just leave nasty comments or doesn't think at all when the comment, most bloggers I think are genuinely good people and are just trying to help. Bloggers as a whole are also a very self-promoting group, isn't that partially why we blog? So I suppose, if I know something that might help you solve a problem or situation in your life, I would want to tell you about it, because hey, not only do I help you, but I look like I know something other than just how to type words on a page.

I read a lot of blogs that deal with family, Mommy/Daddy Blogs if you must put a label on them. Probably 99% of my blogroll are family life blogs. Even before I got pregnant, I read family blogs. I like family. I like kids. I always saw myself with kids and I personally am intrigued by families and how they interact and how especially parents raise their kids. In general I have a very jaded idea of kids these days. Mostly on the day to day dealings with them in stores and in public and of course what you see in the news. I know that this is not a good cross-segment of what is out there, but I still find myself making judgements about "kids these days." Well, since I started blogging, and reading family blogs, this view is at least balanced out. I am pretty sure that anyone who treated their children badly wouldn't post it on the internet for all to read, but in reading family blogs, I have found that the majority of bloggers have something to teach me about raising children. I admire the parenting skills I see on the blogs I read. I take notes and hope to remember some of the wonderful things I have learned for when I have children. Perhaps this leans more towards the level of people that can afford computers and interent access and that those facts directly correlate to their parenting skills. I don't know.

Boy have I gotten off track.

This post was really going to be all about you, my readers, giving me advice. I'm asking for it... so give it to me. Specifically, I would like your parenting advice. What is the best piece of advice when it comes to parenting you have received? Pass it on. If you feel need to give me other pieces of advice, bring it on. I like to think that I am a pretty self analytical person and that I take constructive criticism to heart. If you aren't honest with yourself, then your life really isn't worth living. I try to live by that. So if my writing sucks, tell me. If I say stupid things, tell me. Please remember though that you can never truly know a person by their blog. Don't judge the blogger by the blog skin.

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Star said...

First of all I think you will be a great Mom. We raised 3 daughters and they all turned out terriffic if I do say so myself. I know we did something right, but honestly I don't know what. Looking back I can tell you that children learn as much from what you do as what you say.They will rise to the level of your expectations so set the bar high.