Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The lastest meme seems to be about listing 5 idiosyncrasies you have. I thought I would play along because I am 1) lazy and 2) happen to actually enjoy memes for some reason.

1. I am a paradoxical clean freak. Most of the time I am a horrible housekeeper and a horrible slob. But when I do clean, I clean frantically and completely. And when it is clean, I am a perfectionist about it. I will clean up repeatedly the smallest little things, like wiping the counter obsessively or taking the trash out as soon as it nears fullness. Good thing I don't clean very oftern.

2. I am a compulsive popper. Zits that is. I come from a long line of poppers. My mom is a Queen Popper of the "will-you-look-at-this-thing-on my back" popper. I can't help it. And right now with the pregnancy acne, I look like a land mine.

3. I've talked about this one before. When listening to music, I don't really hear the words. Usually a chorus will stick with me, but even if I know the words, I don't really process the words. I don't really pay attention to what is being said. I usually like a song or artist because of the beat of the song or the person's voice. When I was in dance and taught , I always pointed out beats in the song rather than counting out 8 counts.

4. Along the same lines of the above, I don't process words well if I can't see a person's lips. It's almost like I can't hear unless I can see the person's lips. But strangely enough if I can't see the lips, such as listening to the radio, if I can close my eyes and concentrate, I can process and "hear" better.

5. Chocoholic... sort of. I love chocolate of all kinds. But, I don't like chocolate flavored things. Chocolate cake, ice cream, powdered drink mixes, milk, etc. Just don't like it. Funny thing is, now that I'm pregnant, I can't get enough of chocolate flavored stuff. I am also like this with peach. I love peaches, but hate, loathe, peach flavored things.

So those are just a glance into my weird little quirks. I have lots, but I had a hard time remembering these.

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