Monday, August 15, 2005

Weekend Update with Shooter

So, you wanna hear about my weekend? Okay, because you asked so nicely.

Saturday was a busy day for me and I think I am still recovering. I'm still getting used to not being able to go as much as I used to. My Saturday started with the bright idea that I would treat myself to Starbucks, especially because I had a $10 gift card. Why not, right? Being the indecisive pregnant person that I am, I finally decided to try the Green Tea Frappacino. Bad mistake. This drink, tastes. like. a$$. Green A$$. Perhaps my pregnant synapses were not connecting well and say the green and assumed that somewhere in there might be the taste of mint. Logically speaking one would not make this connection, but alas, I'm and not logical at this point.

I drove the hour into Houston to meet my parents and my cousin and his wife who were in town from... well technically there are on their way from New York, moving to Pasedena, CA. It was good to catch up with them. I don't get to see them very often on the account that they live on one coast or the other and always have a one bedroom apartment which makes visiting on a "budget" difficult unless one wants to sleep in a broom closet. This cousin of mine is the one closest to me in age, but that is where the similarities end. First of all he is a boy. Secondly, he is a genius while me, not so much smart as smart a$$ (that's three a$$' in one post, it's now officially the word of Monday). He made like an almost perfect score on his SAT's. Went to Yale, then on to NYU for law school. Now he and his lawyer wife are moving to California to work in Attorney General's offices. Smarties. This guy has been debating since he could talk and rattle of stats from the stock market to baseball better than anyone I have ever met. Ridiculous really.

From there, my step-mom, MIL and myself went on the marathon of marathon's of baby registry. Let me just say that wedding registry - so much more fun. Don't get me wrong, it was fun picking things out, but I swear it took us over an hour to get out of the feeding area. I couldn't even begin to decide what type of bottles, what type of nipples, what type of milk storage, and on and on. We were there for 5 hours.

From there I went to the last of the "girlfriend's" 30th birthdays! We are officially all 30 now! Margaritas and Fajitas. No ritas for me though. This particular girlfriends lives as far as possible from me so my drive home was an hour and a half. For some of you, that's all the way across your state, for me, that's one city.

Anyways... now that I have completely bored you with the weekend update, try to have a happy Monday.

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