Wednesday, July 12, 2006

6 Month Letter

Dearest Girl,

You are currently napping, off schedule I might add, so I can at least begin this letter. Speaking of napping, we recently finally put/got you onto a fairly regular schedule. This has helped both of us tremendously as Mommy was about to lose her mind. You take 2 naps a day and go down for the night at 7:15. You usually wake up at least once during the night, but will go back to sleep with the pacifier returned to it's rightful place (dang that thing!) You will generally go down without a fuss and I am so happy about that. Sometimes you still want to take an additional nap, which is of course fine with me. Of course, having a schedule means that we are pretty tied to the house most of the time, but I am sure that will work itself out.

Since the last update, you have started to eat real food. We started you off with rice cereal which you loved and still do eat without any issue. Then we tried green beans, which you also thoroughly enjoyed. Although, they are now causing you tummy issues. We then tried bananas which you wanted nothing to do with. Next sweet potatoes which you also enjoy, but also give you tummy problems. Last night we tried prunes. We will see if that helps. You are adjusting to what real food does to your body and are not liking it. I hate to see your tiny little face turning red as you cry and strain to remove that bad stuff from your body. I know it is new to you, but I hate seeing you in pain. It will get better though and you will be able to poop with the best of us.

You can sit up by yourself now. You generally like to lean way over forward, but you can pick toys up and play with them. I am glad that you can sit up, because hopefully that will work your stomach and back muscles since you hate being on your stomach. I like that I can sit you down instead of laying you on your back. I still hope that I can fix your crooked Charlie Brown head. It may be too late. Sorry, boo bear.

In the last week or two you have spent most of your waking hours with your tongue hanging out of your mouth. Not sure why, but it is a permanent state with you lately. In the last couple of days you have discovered how to use that tongue to make fun noises. You have started to spit in the way most small children do when saying nanny nanny boo boo. I think it's hilarious!

You love to type on my keyboard so I pulled out an extra one and you love banging around on that thing. You still like mine better, perhaps you need your own monitor. Not likely.

You reach for anything and everything these days. Generally your hands are covered in slobber so whatever you grab for ends up that way too. You especially like to slobber all over Mommy. My face thanks you really.

Now that you can sit up, I have started sitting you up in the bath with a bunch of toys. Because you are so laid back (at least that's what I think) you don't have much of a reaction when you like things or when you don't. But I think you like the bath. You have started screaming when I take you out of the bath and you never used to do this. This makes me want to pull my hair out. The screaming and the pitch and the echoing of both off the tiny bathroom walls makes me glad that it is night night time for you.

You enjoy the highest pitch when screaming or when talking that grates on my nerves and makes me want to scream, but it's only your way of communicating. I am trying to be more patient with you and I know that God is preparing me for the years to come, but seriously, with the screaming... inside voice PLEASE!

Your smile still lights up my life and I hope that you never stop. No matter what is happening or how my day is going or how frustrated I am, you can smile or laugh and it makes it all worth while. Life is good when you are smiling. I would do anything and everything to make you smile and more so to make you laugh. The best sound in the world is your laugh. The only thing that may ever top that is when you first say, "Mommy, I lub you."

I love you precious one,

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