Monday, July 31, 2006

Tortilla Thief

I'm either losing my mind or someone is coming into my house and stealing flour tortillas. A couple of weeks ago, I was sure we had flour tortillas, but when I went to get some, I couldn't find them. I thought maybe we had just used them up and I didn't realize it to put more on the grocery list. So I added them to my grocery list and bought some. Last week I spent 10 minutes separating said tortillas because they were all stuck together. I think this was on Thursday of last week. At that time, we had about 15 tortillas left. I went to get some to make something for lunch today, and... they are gone. I cannot find them anywhere and I have cleaned off every shelf and pulled out both drawers. No tortillas. The first time I could have forgetten that we used them, but not this time. I even checked the freezer and the pantry as well as all the cupboards. No tortillas.

The only thing I can think of that could possibly be happening is that in my lack of sleep induced mommy brain that I accidently threw them away. Twice. Yeah, right!

So whoever is stealing my tortillas, I want my money back.

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