Monday, July 10, 2006

SAHM Syndrome

Since I know there are a lot of SAHM's out there that blog, I wonder, can you tell me, how do you stay connected to the outside world? Other than blogging of course? I feel so disconnected. There are weeks that go by that I don't see anyone other than my husband and my daughter and the only outings I have are to the grocery store. I have tried finding a local play group with kids The Girl's age, but haven't been successful. Some days it's fine, but other days I am overwhelmed by the need to be social and be out of my house. How do you do it?


tgk said...

see if your local library has any babytime classes. I met tons of other moms there and have turned those meetings into play/coffee dates. also, if you have a Borders or other major bookstore in your area, they probably have a similar babytime/storytime activity. good luck. I've found the whole process to be a cross between dating/joining a sorority. still, I've found it to be great for my son, and really helpful for me too.

Billie said...

There really aren't a lot of playgroups in my area so I am starting a local MOMS club. It's a national non-profit group with not only playgroups but activities for mom which allows her to bring her children. If you want more information let me know.