Sunday, July 23, 2006

Weekend Update

Technically the weekend isn't really over, but today is a chill out and relax day as well as a chore day. We'll see which one of those I do more of.

Yesterday was full of fun! Part of that is sarcastic and part of that is true.

Me and the girl went on a search for the perfect pair of pants and a pair of shorts. By the end of the day I just settled for pants and forgot the perfect part. The first store we went to, I probably tried on 20-30 pairs of pants and shorts. No dice. I always have this problem buying pants. I have a fairly large bottom half (so nicely called a pear shape in the fashion world, pear, my ass.)and a fairly small waist so pants always gape in the back, that is if I can get them over my thighs and rear.

I always end up buying a shirt or two instead of pants when I go out searching for clothing to cover the bottom half, but I made myself a rule, I was not allowed to buy anything for up top until I found something to wear on the bottom. So we left the first store empty handed. I have a bad habit of settling for an item and then once I get it home I don't like it, but I never take it back. So I waste time and money and never wear the item. I am trying to be better at this, so if I don't really like what I am buying and feel I am just settling, I put it back on the rack.

My MIL came up yesterday to go to a concert, more on that later, so she watched The Girl in the afternoon and I got to go shopping ALONE! Yep, all by my lonesome. Two whole hours of freedom! Too bad I was trying on pants. I went to Academy first. When I got in my car, the temperature gage read 111 degrees F. Holy Cannoli! By the time I reached Academy it had started to rain, perhaps a premonition of what was in my pant trying on future. The temp. gage now read 90 degrees. It is barely raining as I walk into Academy. I browse and pick some stuff out. I always have to get 2-3 of the same thing in different sizes to figure out what size I am. This is because I shop so rarely for pants because it is such a traumatic experience. I tried on no less than 50 pairs of pants and shorts. All the while the rain is coming down hard and it sounds like a tornado outside. I am in the dressing room right under the skylights, praying that they don't break. Nothing. I walked out of the store into the pouring rain with nothing. There was one pair of shorts that was okay, and probably would have worked, but I didn't think I would really wear them. I decided once again, (I decide this every time I shop for shorts) that I just don't wear shorts anymore, I'm too big. But I am the kind of person that hates being hot and uncomfortable. The dilemna here!

Next I go to Target where I had better luck. I will spare you the details, but I did leave there with 3 pairs of pants and 2 shirts, all for less than $70. Man, I love Target. I have also discovered a secret to finding pants that actually fit me without gaping. You are going to laugh, but I don't care because sometimes I just want a pair of pants that fit. They don't have to be perfect, the just have to fit. The secret? Maternity. I'll wait while you scoff... I tried on a pair of maternity shorts. Not only were they really comfy, they fit all the way around my waist. I didn't end up buying them because I liked the other pants that I had picked out better, but I may go back and get them. I also tried on a pair of maternity capris that had they been the next size up I might have bought, but they were just snug enough.

It also doesn't help my pants buying process that I seem to be in between sizes. I am not a 12or a 14, but something in between. I realize that I just told the internets what size I wear, kind of, but oh well. I am what I am and you can't see me anyways!


The second half of the day, we took The Girl to her first concert. My MIL, hubby, me and The Girl went to see Paul Simon. It was a good show. It was at an outdoor venue and we had lawn seating so it was a little wet, but we brought blankets and it was nice to sit outside and enjoy some live music. I grew up listening to live music and I love going to concerts. I used to go to a lot of concerts when my company got tickets to each show, but since we stopped doing that trade, I haven't been to a show since 3 Doors Down a couple years ago. Or maybe it was Aerosmith. Hubby isn't wild about concerts so we rarely go to them, but my MIL bought the tickets for us and it was a nice night out with the family.

The Girl wore an outfit that my MIL and Grandmother-in-law bought her. It is a little onsie dress that is pink and green tye die. She was so cute. I will post some pics soon.

That's it for the update. I'm off to plan the meals for the week and do my grocery list. Exciting stuff I tell you! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Oh, and if you know the secret to the perfect pair of pants, spill it!

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