Tuesday, August 01, 2006

gold goatees and other nightmares

I woke up this morning to a nightmare. A nightmare that included the doctor we are going to see today, guns, a guy with a gold goatee and the thought, "please, just 5 more minutes." That last part is pretty normal, the rest, not so much.

I dreamed we went to the doctor's office and she walked in, touched my daughter and then just started talking mumbo jumbo. She never really told us what was wrong with The Girl and I kept asking questions that she wouldn't answer. (The doctor we are going to see is actually a man, go figure) Anyways, for some reason, we are still in the room with the doctor, but now we are having a party. Not some wild kegger, but the type of party that you would have for a 7 month old, all adults and low key. I still have lots of questions about The Girl's condition so I get up to go ask the doctor my questions, but she slips out of the room. As I am headed towards the door to follow her, a guy starts to walk out of the room and as he goes, he starts shooting people. I duck down under a table, but he says something like, "You think you can duck down and do shots on the floor?" and then he shoots me, except, he hasn't really shot anyone in the sense that no one is dead. So he leaves the room and then this guy walks in and at first glance it looks like he just has a serious gold grill but at closer inspection (not too close) he actually has a gold plated goatee. It's doesn't look like hair but more like a gold tongue affixed to his bottom lip that has diamonds in it. I'll let you absorb that....

Following Gold Goatee Man in are a group of thugs with guns. I manage to slip out of the room to go find the doctor. At this point the only thing still on my mind is asking the doctor my questions. Nevermind the fact that I just left my daughter with my MIL and my step mom in a room with a bunch of thugs with guns and this time I know they are real guns with real bullets, yet my only thought is to get my questions answered. I drop my list of questions in a board room that is right next door to the room I was just in. I can't find the doctor so I go to the desk where I ask where the doctor has gone. At first no one seems to know who I am talking about. I explain who the doctor is and then also tell them they might want to call the police about the thugs in our clinic-party room. People start rushing out of that area of the building where the thugs are. At this point I swing behind the reception desk and hide. My thoughts while hiding? All I can think about is getting my list of questions. When my family, including my daughter finally escapes from the thug room, at that point, the severity of the situation overwhelmes me and I cannot wait to hold my daughter.

Anyone care to diagnose or interpret that dream? (Maybe I am crazy and maybe I am eating those tortillas in my sleep.)

We go to the cranial facial specialist at 1:00 today. I am probably more nervous now than I have been. I just want an answer so that we can move forward with whatever treatment we decide and I can get past this fear of the unknown. I'll let you know how it goes. Wish us luck.

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