Saturday, August 05, 2006

School is wasted on the young: Life lessons

I always say that school is wasted on the young. I breezed my way through high school merely due to the fact that I had to go. I know there are plenty of you that did not feel you "had" to go and skipped regularly, but alas, my step mother could smell a lie a mile away and the punishment was not worth the reward of skipping one measley class. So, I went, I listened and I passed, quite well actually. Unfortunately, school was not set up to actually teach me things like how to study for college, merely it taught me how to take tests, so that the state would continue giving money to my school, so that it could look like it was preparing me for college.

Regardless, my college days were spent with many a 24 hour study session hours before a test, only to end prematurely as I decided I couldn't possibly study anymore, so I would go to the bar instead. Amazing I made it through without scholastic probabation. Needless to say, my gpa fell 2 whole points from high school to college graduation. Bygones really.

My point of this whole post? Looking back on high school, I remember thinking frequently and occassionally verbalizing, that I would never use "half this stupid stuff." Now that I have a child, I realize the purpose for school if for no other reason than to prepare me to answer the questions she will no doubt start asking at the age of two and continue asking for, oh say, the next 18 years, God willing. I have no recollection of fractions or pronouns, or the actual part of a sentence. I cannot tell you what the war of 1812 was about among many other things my brain did not care to file in the storage of the past portion of my head. I dread having my child ask me a question as simple as what is 8 x 8 and then watch myself in horror as I have to pause, for a long time, think about this once easy math, and then spit out an answer hoping it is correct. 64, right, that's correct right? No, how about going to watch TV?

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