Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Blog Story: Mommy Missions

I present the blog story of Mommy Missions. As you can see I have taken some artistic liberties with your blog names. I have also lacked the creativity I had hoped for when I came up with this little game.

Mommy Missions

One day while at the park Ms. Miss sat pondering the Giggling Universe and Rambling Romantically, wondering what the day might have in store for her. While she sat day dreaming, she watched the leaves fall slowly from the trees. One leaf in particular caught her eye. You see, this leaf was the size of a beach ball and was floating in an odd way. It seemed to have it's own path and it seemed to be leading Ms. Miss, beckoning to her to follow it. Ms. Miss thought about the strangeness of this, but only for a second before getting up and following the leaf.

The leaf led her down the street and around the square. Ms. Miss' surroundings slowly changed as she followed the magical leaf. The houses and store fronts were no longer vivid colors, but a blur of color such as in a dream. As Ms. Miss was trying to look closer to pinpoint exactly what was different about her surroundings, she bumped into something. As she refocused her attention, she looked around for what she had bumped into. It seemed the leaf had led her to the front of a small house and she had run into the door which bumped slightly open. Ms. Miss looked around her to see if anyone was watching and then pushed open the door and entered the house. The leaf hovered just above her sight line and seemed to wait to see what she was going to do next.

At that moment, a sound came from upstairs. Ms. Miss cocked her head to listen. It sounded like music, strange music and lots of cheer. Ms. Miss put her foot on the first step and timidly began climbing the stairs. As she rounded the top of the banister, she caught her first glimpse of the source of the noise. She could see the swish of a grass skirt and could see that someone was dancing. The music was Hawaiian and was accompanied by deep breathing. Ms. Miss continued and stopped quietly outside the room. At that moment she realized what she was seeing. The Hula Duala was doing her infamous baby dance. Ms. Miss had only read about this ritual, but had never seen it in person and was so excited to be seeing it in person that she boldly walked into the room without thinking. As she did so, she noticed a woman in a large poster bed that was watching the dance while she breathed deeply. She was surrounded by many small children and as they all noticed Ms. Miss they surrounded her, grabbing her skirt with their small hands. As the two other women realized Ms. Miss was there, they stopped what they were doing and looked at Ms. Miss.

"Well, hello there little Miss," greeted the small woman in the bed. She smiled warmly and motioned toward a chair next to the bed. "Won't you join us?"

Ms. Miss sat down, the leaf maintaining it's position over her head.

"Welcome to my humble home, I'm Ms. Mommy. How do you like This Full House? "

"Well, Golly Blog Howdy, it's the neatest place I've ever been! Are all these children yours?" asked Ms. Miss.

"Yes, they are all my little ones," she replied. "We love having children, although it does cause some Poopy Digs, don't it?"

"Is that what that smell is?" asked Ms. Miss. Normally, poopy was a fragrance that Ms. Miss could do without, but this smell was pleasant, like sniffing a box of JuJuBees.

"Don't you like it?" asked Hula Doula.

"Why.... yes, I do," responded Ms. Miss. "Do you like having all these children?"

Ms. Mommy paused and then said, "Yes, I really do enjoy my Suburban Life. Now won't you join us as we check The Mommy Files to see what our assignment for today is?"

"Assignment?" asked Ms. Miss. "What kind of assignment?"

"Well, you see, Hula Duola and myself do secret missions in the blog world, very important Mommy Matters really."

"What kind of secret missions?"

"Well, if I told you, they wouldn't be secretmissions now would they? Let's look through the files and see what we have in store for you today," said Ms. Mommy.

Then Ms. Mommy searched The Mommy Files and pulled out a leaf that had special writing on it. Ms. Miss couldn't really make out the writing, so she asked, "What does it say?"

Ms. Mommy replied, "It says our assignment for this week is to take Wednesdays Off."

"Wednesdays Off" said Ms. Miss, "That doesn't seem so hard, really, or secret for all that matter."

"Agh," said Ms. Mommy, "but you see, it means that there can be no blah blah blahging, and that my dear friends, is quite hard to do."

"Well, isn't that a Piece of Work?" said Ms. Miss. "But, really, What The Bleep Do I know?"

So Hula Doula, Ms. Mommy and Ms. Miss began their mission to take Wednesdays Off.

To Be Continued...

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Can't wait to hear the resst of the story!