Monday, August 21, 2006

You want random, I'll give you random

In fine bullet form...

  • I went grocery shopping today and wanted ice cream. But I couldn't decide what kind, so I didn't buy any. Now I want some.
  • I'm watching Old Adventures of New Christine (or is it the other way around) and the first commercial comes on and it's for Centrum Silver. What exactly is the demographic here?
  • I think The Girl is trying to tell me something. I went to check on her tonight and she was on her stomach (which during the day she claims to hate) and had her head jammed into the corner, sleeping. One of my major Mommy Fears is that she will suffocate in her crib. I know it's semi-irrational, but it's one of those fears that gets the better of me and I check on her repeatedly. I have calmed this fear down a little bit, but now she goes jamming her face into corners of the crib. Perhaps it's time to take out the bumper? Speaking of semi-irrational fears, I am scared to give her small pieces of food because I'm scared that she will choke on them. I gave her a Cherrio a couple of weeks ago and she chewed the first one and swallowed it so I gave her another which she proceeded to try to swallow whole and began coughing while I began the silent freak out. You know the one where you are telling your child, "you're okay, you're okay" while on the inside you are screaming to yourself, "OMG please don't die, don't choke, don't turn that color, what do I do.... waaaaaa". Or is that just me?
  • I have a cold, which by the way, sucks. Summer colds are the worst. I can handle being sick in the winter. Oh, who am I kinding, I can never handle being sick. But sick with a 7.5 month old and work and stuff... oh, shut up already me.
  • and thathatha that's all folks!

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