Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Blame it on the pregnancy or something

I missed a meeting this morning. With my boss. On a good day this is a bad thing. But due to my work at home status and the fact that my house is between my boss' house and the office, once a week, she stops by my house in the morning and we have a weekly meeting. I know, I know, I am truly blessed and have no reason to complain about anything ever.

Last week we canceled this particular meeting because I am in the middle of a huge project. The annual project which really continues to earn me my paycheck. Yes, I do other things throughout the year, but this particular project is the reason for my job title. Yada, yada. So this week I assumed (we all know all about that word) that we were not meeting again. la tee da.

So... where was I. Yes, I didn't sleep well last night, finally falling asleep on the couch about 6:00 after being up 4 or 5 times, only to be awoken 45 minutes later by the sound of a waterfall. I tried to ignore it. It sounded like the washing machine or dish washer. Couldn't be it. I finally figured out it through sleep stupor and process of illimination, the sprinklers. What I could not figure out what was it was so darn loud.

I finally got up to see what the noise was all about. I had left the window in the kitchen/dining area open and there happens to be a sprinkler head right there. Fabulous. I didn't bother checking for damage, I just closed the window and went back to bed.

All that to say, my darling hubby got up with the Boo Bear and fed her breakfast and I crawled out of bed at about 8:30. Poor me, I know. I threw on some gouchos, a long sleeve t-shirt, brushed my teeth (thankfully) and threw my hair in a poinytail. 15 minutes later right after hubby walked out the door, I was standing at the kitchen sink throwing up when I looked up to see my boss in the driveway.

I froze momentarily and then did the frantic, do I have time to put pants on/makeup/real clothes/shoes/anything!!!!! Nope, answer the door. On another tangent, because I cannot tell a story without them, the front foyer is never used for anything but toys, because we don't use the front door and it's the only place in the living room area for the toys. When the door bell rang, I began the foot sweep of trying to clear enough room to even get the door open at all.

I apologized profusely for my appearance, for the lack of unpreparation, for being a total loser and for assuming something I shouldn't have. She was very gracious, thank the Lord, and said no problem, we could talk about everything on the phone.

I feel like a dunce. I am a dunce. It's amazing they pay me at all.

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