Sunday, November 04, 2007

Pithy Post Title

I gots nothing. Nothing at all. So have some mundane randomness.

I was pre-registering at the hospital website for this baby to be born (no time soon please!) and just love it when I get to the questions about what I am going to be coming in for. For some reason the question, "Diagnosis?" seems silly to me in this particular instance. Um, pregnant?

There is a possibility that hubby and I might be getting to go on a real live, adult only vacation in the next month. I might just keel over and die if it happens. After the vacation of course. ;-)

Did I mention that my daughter can pick out her letters from A to E? I know, smart huh? Or maybe not, but I was pretty impressed. Her little voice is so cute, saying each letter. Technically she doesn't say E so much as when you point to E, she says, "Elmo."

And that's all for today folks!

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