Friday, November 16, 2007

V to the A to the C to the...

A to the T to the I to the O to the N.


It is looking like we will be going on vacation. I just wrote a check for a deposit on a house in Costa Rica. We are getting a totally sweet deal, (yes, I just said, totally sweet - because I am 80's cool like that.) We are going with friends, one of whom works for a major airline, so we are getting buddy tickets, not free, but cheap. Basically for two people, airfare and lodging we are paying, well not much and that of course is why we can even afford to go. I have struggled with going on this vacation for a variety of reasons. In fact, we had been planning it 4 months ago fervently and then decided that we just couldn't do it. As we near the birth of this second baby, we will be struggling more financially. Mainly due to the fact that this time I have no maternity leave pay. It will be a good test to see how we do on just one income and to see if I can spend some time building Announce The Bump to help out at least a little bit. I really struggled with going on vacation going into a season where we will be struggling, but I also struggled with the fact that we have not had a vacation since 3 months before Boo Bear was born and in light of the fact that we are about to have another one, it's been a long time and it's going to be a long time since my husband and I have gotten to spend some quality time away from work, family, etc.

I also struggled because of not seeing my family that lives far away this year. We have gone back and forth about whether it was really feasible to go on vacation and to visit family. I am still hoping to get to NM to see my Mom and my sister and grandmother for sure and we have not totally ruled that out, but this trip was just too good a deal to pass up and we need it badly.

So, in about 3 weeks, I will be sitting here and drinking this (virg*in - bummer) and on my birthday too!

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