Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Faces of Motherhood

I do realize that I have been cheating the last couple of days. Just some mere quick words or photos to meet my obligation. I will try to do better. Promises, promises...


Yesterday I met my parents half way between our two houses to exchange Boo Bear for a night of dates with my husband and quiet for me today. Not really so much for that as my parents begged to keep her for a night. Hubby and I got to spend a wonderful evening out together. We went to eat at a new Italian restaurant that was quite good. Service was mediocre, but the food and my good mood made up for that. Then, so as not to waste the time without child, we took a trip to Sam's to get diapers. But we took the time to stroll leisurely through the isles, holding hands and looking at things that are on our "Yeah, Right" Wish list. Things like 57" flat screen TV's and laptops. Okay, so the laptop is something we might actually get some day, but I don't see us ever buying a TV like that. We just don't watch enough TV to even warrant that kind of spend, and we have two perfectly good TV's as it is. We're simple people, with simple wants generally.

One thing I noticed when we got home was the silence. With child(ren) in the house, there is never true quiet. There is always an underlying current, a buzz of noise, and expectant feeling. Even when they are sleeping, we as parents are always poised to jump at a moments notice. No matter how long at a time they sleep, it is never truly quiet. I felt out of place, like something was missing (she was), listening to the quiet.

Today getting ready for Church and on the drive to Church I noticed it even more. No jabbering from the back seat. No one for me to talk to you. No turning around to see her expectant face, waiting for me to tell her what something is or acknowledge her when she says, "Cuck" (Truck) or "Caaaahhhs" (Cars) or my favorite, "pahl-puss" (school bus). No looking at her bouncing head and smiling face when Toby Mac's Burn for You comes on the radio. On the way home after eating a quiet, peaceful breakfast with my husband, I drove home in silence to a quiet house. As always when I have time without my daughter, I have trouble deciding what to do first. Do I clean, do I run errands, do I relax? What to do, what to do?

So, what did I do? I cleaned the kitchen, swept and mopped the disgusting floors and I am now chilling. Ahhh...

Your turn: What do you do when the kids are gone?

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