Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Little Why's of Life

Why, after over 10 years with my lovely watch, did I have to go and lose it? I miss you watch, my wrist is lonely.

Why do I always keep the heel of the bread in the bag, even though I never use it. It just gets in the way of the "good" bread.

Why does my child when I give her a coloring book, make a mark on every single page instead of coloring on one page.

Why do I procrastinate? No really, why? Nevermind, I'll ask you later.

Why is it that the only reason I can remember a colleague's phone number is because it has the same last four digits as a high school boyfriend? But I can't remember my own telephone number from high school.

Why does everything happen at once? Why do multiple days keep attacking me at once and why does that far off date get here so fast?

Why are assumptions such a difficult thing to master and get rid of and why are we so disappointed when those assumptions are not met, even when we know they are assumptions and not reality?

Why aren't there more hours in a day? Would we waste those too on worthless things?

What Why's are you pondering today?

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