Friday, April 29, 2005

One Stall of Separation


There is a a major bathroom rule that I'm afraid, a lot of the population has not learned. This rule is the One Stall of Separation rule. You see, if there are more than 5 stalls in any given bathroom and the bathroom is not full, it is not necessary to take the stall right next to the only occupied stall. Now, I am a creature of habit, and I like to do my business on the same toilet every time (at work, for example), but I will change my potty routine if necessary so as to maintain the One Stall of Separation rule.

Please share this with your colleagues and friends. This is serious misconduct that must be rectified.

Your post by numbers for today is:

Number of days worked this week: 5
Number of days it feels like I worked this week: 258,258,465,846
Hours I have to work today, Friday, the official end of the week: 13
Number of weekend days I get: 0
Number of days working for hubby: 2 (Saturday and Sunday)
Number of Bitches in our household: 1 (that's ME for you slow people)
Number of days out this week: 2
Number of hours of sleep I want: 453,125,875,478
Number of cars broken down this week: 1
Cost to fix said car: $1500
Number of happy mechanics: 1

In other news, JuJuBee had her baby. This world is now blessed with Madeline Grace, born April 26th, 2005. Go on over and tell them hello!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!!!

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