Monday, April 18, 2005

Photo Meme Live

I did it. I know you guys doubted it, but here it is.

Lizzie asked for:
1. The view from my kitchen window. (I took a better one, but the camera ate it)
kitchen window
2. My favorite tree (huh?) This one just happens to be across the street.
3. my special place
back porch

Brando asked for:
1. the inside of my medicine cabinet
medicine cabinet
2. inside of the fridge
I forgot to turn the kitchen light on. Sue me.
3. inside of closet

Amber asked for:
1. my morning hair (evil woman! Your turn!)
AM Hair
Excuse the jammies please.
2. my blogging perch (if I showed you , I'd have to... since I do most of my blogging when I shouldn't.)
3. my tooth brush (???)

Amy asked for:
1. inside of my trunk
2. the prettiest thing in my house (since my house is fairly new to me, I picked the whole thing)
3. the ugliest thing in my house (my current "entertainment center")
ugly thing

There you have it. My life in pictures.

And as a bonus pic, the baby birdies have hatched.
baby birdies
Hubby just called and said one of them already fell out of the nest. Not a good sign.

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