Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Driving into work this morning, I was stopped at a light behind a very new Nissan Xterra. This by itself is not notable. But this fairly new car had 10 bumper stickers, although none were actually afixed to the bumper. 10 bumper stickers. All for LSU, except one. 10 guesses at what the other one was. As we turned the corner I noticed that the front windshield also had at least two more stickers. I get it, you're an LSU fan, welcome to Texas. Glad you feel at home enough to plaster your opinion all of your car. Absurdity.

Baby Birdies
I have a wire basket with fake flowers outside my back door. For about a week I have noticed that every time I open the back door, a little bird flys out of the basket. On Friday evening while we were grilling, hubby took the basket down and sure enough there was a nest. Two little eggs were in the nest. On Saturday I decide to take another picture. Three little eggs were in the nest. And on Sunday, Four little eggs. There have been no new eggs since Sunday.

We have kind of adopted a cat from our neighbors across the street. He is orange and has beautiful stripes. We have named him Tigger. He trots across the street whenever he sees one of our cars come into the drive way. Hubby feeds him. He's a smart little cat. He is fed well, but apparently his feline instincts are telling him to get that bird and her babies. The other night hubby was sitting outside playing with Tigger while I cooked dinner (yes, I cook on occasion). We have an empty plant pot that is pretty large that was sitting under the basket with the nest in it. Once Tigger figured out that there was a bird in the basket, he hid in the pot waiting for her to come back. Sneaky little sucker. She flew back to her nest and Tigger went flying out of the pot. He missed, but I swear if he eats those babies, I'm gonna be so upset. I know it is in their nature, but I am hoping that they will survive. I would hate to walk out my front door for work and find that one of those babies met it's death while trying to learn how to fly.

I have lost my motivation once again for working out. I was doing okay, working out at least two times a week. I drove home last night with plans to work out, but as soon as I got home, laziness settled and I sat on the couch watching bad TV all night. I will missing LOST tonight so will be looking for a recap tomorrow. She's way more important than LOST, but man I hate missing my show. And Alias too. I just got into Alias recently so I can miss that one.

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