Friday, April 08, 2005

Shock and Awe

Am I the only one whose mouth drops open every single time I see a gas sign? I cannot believe how high gas is going and the numbers the "experts" keep throwing out about where the numbers will stop. Because I tend to believe very little of what the government says, due to the fact that I believe they give us a tenth of the real truth, I wonder if there is anything us wee little people can do about the rising cost of gas. I'm not expert, duh, but I would think that if there was some way to "hurt" the industry, that the people with the money and the power, could get the government to do something about the problem.

I've seen the email where it says not to buy gas on a certain day. Great in theory, but ain't gonna happen. Car pooling? We love our cars. I'm guilty as anyone. I live across the street from someone I work with and we rarely car pool. What if I need my car during the day? What if she has an emergency? How would I get home. Selfish reasons, all of them. I would be fine without my car during the day. I occasionally run errands, but usually I'm too lazy to leave property. At least a couple of days a week, it would be feasible for me to carpool. What would it take to force us to change our habits, to carpool, to not buy gas on a certain day?

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