Thursday, January 13, 2005

Baby Girl

I didn't write too much about my last trip to NM. Mainly because there was so much to say and I didn't quite know how to put it all into words. One of the things that hit me hard during my trip was how "grown up" my baby sister is. When I say baby sister, I mean she is four years younger than me. She is technically my big, little sister as she is almost 6 feet tall. As I sat in her living room and watched her clean her house and interact with her boyfriend, I was struck by this woman. She was no longer just my little sister, she was a woman, a homemaker, a girlfriend, a career woman, and a soon to be mother of not one, but two little boys. She brought tears to my eyes as I saw her pregnant for the first time.

This woman has had to grow up faster than most. She has worked as hard as any adult from the first time she was able to get a paying job. She helped pay the bills when she was just a teenager. She has been the parent to her parents for so long. Now she will be a parent to her own children, which is the way it should be. I am so proud of who she has become. And although I know she looks up to me quite a bit, I also know that I had very little to do with the beautiful, strong, intelligent, amazing woman that she has become. T you are beautiful. I love you and am proud of who you have become. I know you will make a great mother, for you have been one for many years. I wish for you peace and strength when you give birth to my beautiful nephews.

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