Monday, January 17, 2005

Weekend Recap: Cuz I know you care

As much as any sane person could possibly say that Monday is not bad, I'm having a pretty good day so far. I had a great weekend and despite not wanting it to end, I had a beautiful drive in to work this morning. God was present. Will post pictures soon.

Friday we had friends over for dinner. Sad to say not many of my friends have gotten to the see the new house, so I was excited to show it off. Hubby made a great dinner and much wine was consumed.

Saturday AM we got up and met friends at the dirt bike track. Took some pics and will post those in a little while as well. And yes, I will post the pictures requested in the previous post. Give me a little time. Maybe I will do one a day. Maybe I won't. I'm noncommittal.

Saturday afternoon I cleaned/moved things around in the guest bedroom so that my friend Jen would have a place to sleep when she came to visit and party. We went to Berryhill, my first trip and enjoyed the best queso I have ever had and fish tacos. Then off to the country bar for some dancing. Ran into an old dance partner and just hung out. Nothing much to tell. Later met up with Hubs and some other friends at another bar. Watched some drunks dance to bad music and questioned the fashion choices of the "younger" generation.

Sunday I finally was able to get Jen out of bed around 1:00 PM. That girl can sure sleep. I managed to utterly demolish an attempt at breakfast, so we ate at the food cart at the mall. Now I don't shop very often and when I do I normally buy something at Target or Walmart. Yeah, I'm stylin', I know it. Proof in point that I rarely shop, I didn't even know that NY and Co. had closed in July and rearranged the store. Jen on the other hand, is the shopping queen and for once she helped me shop rather than me watching her shop. That girl can drop some cash. But she works her ass of so she deserves to spend money on shopping. I bought two pairs of pants, 4 shirts and 2 new pairs of shoes for $150.00. Yeah me. I love NY and Co. I also managed to buy 3 bras after trying on 15 and chaffing my boobies. Great visual I am sure. Hubby was also glad to hear that I have gone up another size. Music to his ears, to me it just means I am getting fatter.

All in all, I had an enjoyable weekend. Can't say I'm glad to be at work, but at least I can blog here.

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