Friday, January 14, 2005

Behind the times

I am sooooo yesterday. I know, I don't need it rubbed in. Unless of course you are rubbing the sore spot that is my entire back. In that case, keep a-rubbing. My point, ah yes, a point. Well, I finally got one of those things called a digital camera. And I am soooo in lovvvve with it too. I carry it in my purse and take pictures of anything and everything, as you can see by the recent posts of pictures and nothing much else. Anyhoo... A While, long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a meme, a picture meme. Tell me three, or cuz I'm lazy and such, one or two or whatever you feel like, things that you want to see a picture of and I will get them for you in no particular order and in not particular time frame. How you like them apples?

So, what do you want me to shoot? Pictures that is. This is Texas after all.

Won't you humor a little behind the times meme?

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