Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Texas Blog Meet

I had to refrain from typing Meat for some reason there in the title. Have I mentioned I'm a dork? Just doing my daily deed to prove it.

Moving along. Em and I have discussed this off and on for awhile so I thought I would put some feelers out. Sorry to be so touchy/feely. Not really... Boy am I having trouble staying on track today.

If you are in the Lonestar state (or anywhere and willing to travel to the Lonestar state) and would be interested in meeting some fellow bloggers, leave a comment here and Em (yes, I'm roping you into this) will start planning one with the help of anyone else interested in helping.

How many Texas bloggers can fit into one location?

*UPDATE: I guess I should mention that we are in the Houston area. Since the Lonestar state is kinda big and all.

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