Monday, January 31, 2005


I am going to be scarce for probably the next three weeks. I leave this Thursday for a week to go and visit my nephews and my sister. I will not have access to the internet for a whole week and a half. I might die.

I will be busy this week getting stuff done at the job to make sure all does not fall apart while I am gone. Upon my return I will be neck deep in email and the needs of people around me. So here is the weekend recap:

Friday night: 5:30-7:00 p.m.: Drive 1 hour and 30 minutes to her house for Genuine Bash III. Pick up food on the way. Find out on the way that her DSL is not working. No Bashing for us. Arrive with dinner and feed kiddos. At least I had kids to entertain me.

10:30 ish: Wonderful hubby of her's allows us to get onto his computer through the dial up and bash together on one computer. Proceed to confuse many bashers thoroughly.

12:30ish: Get DSL working and get back online about the time Genuine bashes his head on his keyboard. Continue Bashing until very late.

2:00 am-ish: Leave her house to drive home.

3:30 am: arrive home and fall into bed FOREVER.

Saturday: sleep late. Do stuff. Visit with MIL and Friend from Florida. Go to surprise party for friend from Austin. (Side note: bought pop rocks at party store. These aren't so good as an adult. They made my stomach hurt.)

Sunday: Sleep late again. Go to breakfast at Cheesecake Factory with hubby and go to see Meet the Fockers. Cute. Huge for me and hubby to go to a movie though. He doesn't like going to the movie theater with a bunch of people so we have seen 3 movies in the theater in the 4 years I have known him. Go to Sears and replace a ratchet (sp?). Exciting stuff. Come home. Take nap. Make dinner. Drink wine. Go to bed. Wake up at 3:30 a.m. for no $#%^&^# reason.

Exciting stuff ain't it?

What did you do exciting this weekend?

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