Tuesday, January 11, 2005

BoB has made people go Bonkers

Well, it seems that in my absence, the blog world, at least a little part of it, has gotten some panties and boxers in a great big wad. Why do I care to comment on the hilarity of it all, well, I get to do what I want most of the time as my parents tell me I am a grown up now.

Some of the things being said are that the BoB Awards are all about a popularity contest. Well isn't anything in this nice reality riddled world we live in. Do you think the Presidential Election was about values, no it was popularity. Bottom Line. School elections, Government elections, polls, it's all about popularity. What or who people know is the driving force in our lives. You don't pick an apple over an orange if you've never tasted an apple and you know you like oranges. I have been voting for some of these people with panties in a wad and I vote for them because I like their blogs. I don't know any of them personally. I read. I enjoy. That's it.

I am honored to be nominated for a BoB Award as I am please to be in the company of such wonderful writers, entertainers and down right fun and interesting people for a variety of reasons. I blog because, well, that's another post. The BoB Awards were supposed to be fun and nothing too serious. Sure, there's prizes involved, but whoopie, there are prizes at Chuck E Cheese, do you freak out over those? This is supposed to be FUN people. What happened to the FUN?

*Please note that I chose not the link anything in this post as I was venting frustration rather than pimping the awards. And as a side note, I was nominated for biggest blog whore and so I have just been playing the part in which I was nominated.

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