Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Crack pipe dreams

I was over catching up at Corp.Mommy and reading her most recently post about her dream Jag and it got me thinking.

We all have dreams of things that we know we will probably never have. Some of us are more optimistic or young or naive and believe these things are attainable. Some of us are realistic/jaded/comfortable/pessimistic and don't believe we can ever have these things, but a piece of us is still hopeful. I fall somewhere in the middle. I have always been a sort of status quo girl. I am one of those people that unless it is REALLY broken, I just deal. I don't fix. I get by.

I have a job I love now, but if I were to lose it tomorrow (Please God NO!) I would go find something else to do. Whatever I could find. I don't really have a career per se. I have a BS in Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology and I work in marketing. For a hotel. And I love it. I am a PR/Ad person that proofreads and does project management more than anything. I like it. But it is very status quo. My dream job would be to be a dancer for music videos and awards shows and stuff like that. Small problem, I'm now old, out of shape and really don't look good in those midrif baring shirts that used to look so good, I mean slutty on me. I also would love to be a photographer and make lots of money for photos I take. One problem, no training, no camera (coming soon) and no motivation. Status Quo. I talk about taking classes. And talk and talk.

Boy did I get off the subject. My intent at the beginning of the post was to list some things I would love to have, but that I don't think will ever happen. And in the end, I'm okay with that, because unfortunately as I begin to build said list in my head, it is very materialistic and that is just not who I want to be nor who I really am. So I shall list in random order things that I would love to have, but don't need to have:

~A Volvo SC90. This is my dream car/SUV.
~A house with enough rooms for my (future) kids to have their own rooms. A playroom/gameroom, a movie room, a swimming pool and hot tub, an outdoor kitchen. Oh, and it would be on the beach, but built into a mountain. kay.
~The ability to purchase clothes whenever I wanted no matter how much they cost. And shoes. And purses. And stuff for my house. Okay, just lots of money, keep it coming now.
~The freedom, financial and otherwise to travel all over the world, whenever I wanted to.

What pipe dreams do you have?

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