Friday, January 21, 2005

Purple hooter shooter with a chaser please

Watching TV two nights ago, this commercial came on for Chasers. Chasers are these pills that are supposed to help prevent hangovers. I have tired them and they might actually work except you have to remember to take them like every two hours while you are drinking. Hello, we're drinking. Memory isn't exactly top on the list when consuming large amounts of alcohol.

The commercial cracked me up. For one thing, the main "character" in the commercial wasn't some 20 or 30 something party person. No, it was a 50 something year old man. Who looked like he had seen his share of alcohol. The best part was the end of the commercial. With a serious face he said, "Don't drink and drive and avoid hangovers." Something like that. I cracked up through the entire commercial, but that sent me over the edge.

Drink responsibly and avoid hangovers.

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